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Modern Linux on A1200/A3000

I have used to create a modern embedded Linux system for Amiga A500/A600/1200 (with accelerator) and A3000 (no accelerator needed).
Requirements: A minimum of 8 mb of memory

  • Kernel: 4.10.3
  • libc: uclibc-1.0.22
  • tools: ssh, links (text-browser), telnet, uemacs

Download harddisk image (To run on real AMIGA: copy image to disk with utility like dd):

Demo system running on WinUAE:

Upgrading Amiga Linux kernel

This is a guide on how to upgrade the kernel for Debian 3.1 for Amiga.

Before upgrading the kernel

Video guide

How to build new Amiga kernel yourself

QEMU m68k chroot environment

  • Install debootstrap: apt-get install debootstrap
  • run apt-get install qemu-user-static

(if version of qemu is lower than 2.12 it has to be upgraded with this binary: qemu-m68k-static.gz

  • Run
debootstrap --no-check-gpg --variant=buildd --foreign --arch=m68k unstable sid-m68k-sbuild
  • Chroot into sid-m68k-sbuild
  • Run
debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage
  • Set (from outside chroot) sid-m68k-sbuild/etc/apt/sources.list to
deb sid main
  • exit and re-enter chroot
  • Run from within chroot
apt-get install debian-ports-archive-keyring

How to build Amiga kernel yourself

  • Get newest kernel from
  • Extract kernel
  • Enter m68k chroot environment
  • Run
make amiga_defconfig
  • Now manual configure kernel with
make menuconfig
  • Select Device Drivers - Real Time Clock - Change selection from M to star for "Oki MSM6242" and "Ricoh RP5C01" (RTC modules should now be build directly into kernel)
  • To disable Tux startup logo: Select Device Drivers - Graphics support. Uncheck Bootup logo
  • Now build kernel
make install
make modules_install
  • Run depmod -a with kernel name, ie
depmod -a 4.10.2-amiga
  • kernel image can now be found in /boot and modules in /lib/modules/

Helpful resources